Confession but don’t tell Gizmo

I have a confession to make but you have to promise not to tell my dog Gizmo. I am dog sitting another dog, Tilly, for a few days and she is an absolute sweetheart. She is smaller than Gizmo and is a cross between a Maltese, pom and Shih Tzu I think. She dances around the room on her hind legs and I’m afraid if I step on her she will break something.

She belongs to my next door neighbour who has gone away for a few days and it is lovely to have a dog in the house though still not the same as having Gizmo here.

Gizmo is still in process of getting bloods and other treatments and will fly on the 10th April. She will arrive in Melbourne on the 12th and spend ten days in quarantine before she is flown up to Brisbane so hopefully I will have her around 23rd April. Can’t wait to see her. I hope she gets on okay with little Tilly and they can be friends.

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