Weather, public holidays and other stuff

Yesterday it rained all day. It reminded me of Ireland except it was still warm. Today the sun is back out and all is well again. I prefer the weather in Australia, surprise, surprise. It is coming into winter here so it is a bit cooler – maybe more like a good summer day in Ireland. The only time I need a cardigan is on a Wednesday night for my class. The air-conditioning makes the room freezing.

One thing that amazes me is the public holidays in Australia – nothing is open. Well, I tell a lie some pubs are still open but they may limit their food hours. All the shops close so no going out window-shopping. Well, there are some shops open but they are few. I’m not sure about the city. It probably explains why the Australians love the outdoors, there is nothing else for them to do! On public holidays Australians go out and have barbecues in the parks and on the beaches or go away for a long weekend.

Jobs – job hunting is not going well, it appears to be very much a case of who you know, which sounds familiar. I haven’t lost hope and continue to send out applications.

Dogs – well I love having Gizmo here and she has settled in well. She sleeps a lot just like she did in Ireland. She is not very impressed with the dog next door but they walk well together each day and as long as I treat them both equally it is okay. Gizmo likes to sleep in Tilly’s bed, eat her food, and pee in the same spot as her!

I had my son and family stay with me last weekend as they were waiting to close on their new house. This included their dog Lily, who is a beagle and a little bit bigger than Gizmo. Once again Gizmo was not impressed that another dog was here and vying for attention.

Assignments – slowly getting through them and so far so good on the grades. Have five assignments left and in the final few weeks of the first semester.



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