Assignments – literature reviews and editing tests

I have realised that I know nothing about the English language, at least when it comes to grammar. I’d never even heard of a comma splice, nominalisation, squinting modifier and loads of other terms. I have an editing test next week and am dreading it.

Last week it was a literature review which caused me heartache. It was due Mon night at 11.59 pm and I put it in at 11.10! Had to scrap everything I had done on the Monday morning as it was all crap and didn’t make sense. It’s in now and I just hope I did enough to pass. Research techniques is my worst subject I think.

Have a couple of assignments in and marked and so far so good.

On the other hand, my fiction course is amazing and I am working on a short story about a murderer with a conscience. There will be a trial and a jury so I am trying to get real examples from people who have served on juries. I am even hoping to attend a murder trial here in Brisbane.


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