Let the journey begin some background information

Hi my name is Teresa and I’m the living proof that you are never too old to go back to study. At 52 years old and twenty years after doing my degree I have returned to do a postgraduate Masters. That in itself is daunting but throw in a new country thousands of miles away and it is overwhelming to say the least. This blog will chart my journey, I hope it inspires others and am happy to answer any questions as I have learned a lot in the process.
So bit of background. I am married, mother of one – a twenty six year old son and have a beautiful granddaughter aged 18 months. My son went to Australia four years ago and never came home. He met a wonderful girl and they have a gorgeous daughter and they are making their home in Australia.
I was in favour of him travelling as I believe it is good for young people to travel. I regret not having travelled further afield to work than the UK/Spain and it meant we could have a long haul holiday to visit. I just never envisaged him settling there and certainly not having a family there. So that is the first impetus for my decision – I hated seeing my granddaughter growing up without me. I also lost a couple of friends and relatives who were still quite young and I started to think that life was too short not to follow your dreams. Thirdly I was at a crossroads workwise. My job had in all reality been done away with, my pay had been cut during the recession and I felt isolated and unsupported. An opportunity to take redundancy came up – it took from last May to the end of Jan 2019 to finally sort it out. When I told people what I was going to do I don’t think anyone believed me, certainly my other half didn’t but I believed in myself and made it happen.
So last September when I was in Australia for the christening I went to visit a few universities in Brisbane and think about what I might study. Why study you might ask. Australia is a tough country to get into and I was too old to get a skilled visa. Added to that I needed to upskill so that when I returned to Ireland I would have additional skills to set up in business for myself. But really the course just made the decision easy – to study writing, editing and publishing is something I never imagined. When I left school I wanted to be a journalist but back in the eighties opportunities were few and far between. I had done a bit of creative writing since then more recently in the last few years when I joined a wonderful Facebook writing group and I had also done a lot of writing in the course of my job from reports to policies to newsletters and funding applications. So I found the Masters in Writing, Editing and Publishing in the University of Queensland – it gives me both professional academic and creative writing all in one so it was a no brainer. And then the laborious process of applying began!
People who lack the clarity, courage, or determination to follow their own dreams will often find ways to discourage yours. Live your truth and don’t EVER stop!”
― Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free

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